Quality over quantity

We demand quality over quantity, for the ones who doesn't know what that means it's that we rather see our server fully functional than filled with players in an un-stable envoirment.


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We're always on the look for capable players, we do our best to maintain a high standard roleplay envoirment in Nevada State Prison Roleplay, meet you in game?

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Friendly community

We maintain a friendly community within our forums and discord. You can easily register an account and you'll be more than welcome.


Master Account

Our server comes with a master account. You can register up to three characters onto it. We're making it able to log out in game and switch between characters.

Crafting System

Crafting is a must if you want to have any kind of weapons around. You're able to get a course in the Library and find your goods in the sewer, but where is the sewer?

Community Service

Once in a while the Department of Corrections decides to organize a community service within the local county. Here you're sent out to remove graffiti and earn some extra money.